St Sophia's Parish

Sherwood Park, Alberta

St. Sophia Parish

St. Sophia Parish practices the rich traditions of the Eastern Rite within the Catholic Church and with a modern contemporary context. Over 140 families currently are members of the St. Sophia Church community, now worshipping in their facility on Baseline Road and Range Road 224.

Our Pastor

Fr. Rendy Yackimec, the middle of three boys, was raised on a farm in the Myrnam, Alberta area. He was ordained as a Ukrainian Catholic priest in 1985 and has served the faithful in Alberta for over 30 years, 7 of those years at St. Josephat’s Cathedral in Edmonton; 16 years as the Pastor of St. Stephen’s Parish in Calgary, and since 2008, as the Pastor of St. Sophia (mission) Parish in Sherwood Park. His spiritual insight and leadership, his easy-going manner and warm personality continues to bless our church community.

Patron Saint

St. Sophia, whose feast day we celebrate on September 17, was a second century widow and mother of three young daughters, appropriately named Faith, Hope and Charity. The entire Christian community loved her and her children for their kindness, depth of faith, and good works.

The pagan Emperor Hadrian (117-138), in trying to eliminate Christianity, ordered St. Sophia and her daughters brought to Rome. The holy virgins prayed fervently to the Lord asking that He give them the strength and courage not to fear torture or death, knowing they were being summoned. Everyone present was amazed at the composure St. Sophia and her daughters showed when they were brought in front of the Emperor.

St. Sophia publicly refused to deny Christ. Her daughters likewise refused to deny Christ. When St. Sophia refused, the Emperor had her daughters tortured. Guards took Sophia’s daughters one by one, from the eldest to the youngest and beat and tortured them to death.St. Sophia buried her daughters' bodies and remained by their graves for three days until she too gave herself to the Lord. Although St. Sophia did not suffer for Christ in the flesh, she suffered in her heart, thus receiving her martyr’s crown. Believers buried St. Sophia’s body beside her daughters.

Strengthened by her example, Christianity continued to grow much to the frustration of the Emperor.


Parish Council Executive (2018-2020)

Parish PriestFr. Rendy Yackimec
ChairKen Lesniak
1st Vice-ChairClinton Moroziuk
2nd Vice-ChairLaurie Kardynal
Past ChairPhillip Hnatiuk
TreasurerJames Krekotin
SecretaryHolly Herbert

Knights of Columbus (St. Sophia Council)

Grand KnightMarc Stychyshyn
Deputy Grand KnightRobert Lychak

Altar Servers

  Fr. Rendy Yackimec

Children’s Programs/First Holy Communion


Kids in Church (Youth)


Parish Activities

Volunteers are an important part of any community. St. Sophia Parish volunteers always share fun and laughter when we are involved in our projects. The volunteering helps us grow as a church family as well as raises funds for the needs of the Parish. Among some of our projects and activities are set-up teams, perogy making, social events (Fall Dance, Malanka. Perogy Supper), Children’s programs and Outreach.

Weekday Divine Liturgy

In addition to regular Sunday services, regular Divine Liturgies are celebrated every Wednesday evening from September to June, at 7:00 PM.

Perogy Pinching

Perogy making is an on-going social event from about September to May. Volunteers gather for a fun evening of preparation, pinching perogies and cheerful conversation, in a certified food preparation area at the parish residence. Potato-Cheddar, Potato-Cottage Cheese and Potato-Onion perogies are offered for sale ($40/8 dozen bag or $25/4 dozen bag).

To purchase perogies, telephone the Perogy Sales Hot Line: (587) 784-1894.

For more info on our perogies click here.

Buy-A-Brick Campaign

This on-going program, initiated by the late Myron Porisky, is intended to promote the building of our Church building one financial brick at a time. Specially marked envelopes can be found at the entrance to the Chapel. Donors will be recognized on wall plaques, once a church facility is built. Regular ($50), bronze ($500), silver ($2500), gold ($5000) and platinum ($10,000) bricks can be purchased as building pledges or memorial donations.


Malanka is a Ukrainian folk holiday celebrated on the eve of the New Year according to the Julian calendar (January 13).

St. Sophia Parish holds a New Year’s Festival on the weekend closest to January 13 at the Ardrossan Recreation Centre. The event has Ukrainian music, good food, and entertaining Ukrainian dancers.

Perogy Supper

Every spring (usually in March), St. Sophia Parish hosts a Perogy Supper in Sherwood Park. In addition to perogies, the menu includes traditional Ukrainian dishes such as nachenka (corn meal dish) & “lazy” cabbage rolls (rice & sauerkraut), and mushroom sauce with salad, ham and desserts.

Annual Golf Tournament

Each year, St. Sophia hosts a golf tournament at a golf club near Sherwood Park. This fun tournament, with a banquet, is designed to recognize all participants, from the novice to the handicap golfers, in an afternoon of golfing and fellowship.

Annual Fall Dinner, Dance and Silent Auction

Each fall, a fun evening of good food, live music and a silent auction bring friends and family together for a “theme” event. Door prizes and prizes for best-dressed add enjoyment to this very informal evening.

Kids in Church

"Kids in Church" is a youth group for ages 6 and up. The youth participate in various activities such as board game nights, pizza parties, tobogganing, delivering gifts for Santa's Anonymous, making and distributing Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts, pool parties and making decorations for parish events. The group is focused on having fun, building relationships in a Catholic environment and "giving back" to our community.

Outreach Program (HI HO Group)

Living our Christian life means helping others.

Happiness Is Helping Others (HIHO) is a group dedicated to reaching out to our community and parish members as needs arise. Charity donations, transportation needs, elder care and Prayer Chain requests are part of this program. Parishioner can contact Sharon for any needed support or to join the group. All requests are held in the strictest confidence.

For more information, to join this group or for assistance with some need, contact Sharon Bohaychuk, Director of Outreach (contact through Fr. Rendy).

Children’s Program

Every Sunday, with the exception of the first Sunday of the month (Children’s Liturgy), children ages 3 to 7, are invited down after the Gospel reading for faith-based Sunday school lessons and activities.